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The Painter

George is holding the photos of Caitlyn Jenner and Billy side by side when the sound of loafers can be heard on the stairs. Panic...

In Los Angeles Review of Books.

A Review of Noah Baumbach’s Marriage Story

Marriage Story is not really about marriage, as it purports to be, or even divorce, but about the existential confusion that results from needing to succeed by bourgeois standards. 

In Medium.

Idols of Immortality

After my best friend’s death, I became convinced that literature didn’t matter—until Mary Gaitskill restored my faith in it. In Slate.

Meditation for Strivers

How did strivers everywhere come to appropriate a twenty-five-hundred-year-old philosophy of non-striving?From The New Yorker.

Apocalypse Now and Forever

Vonnegut...  has always been something of a paradox—a beloved grouch, a man who has a bad thing to say about almost everybody but for whom no one has a cross word. In New York Magazine.

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